The Orestiadi Foundation
The Orestiadi Foundation is a cultural institute located at the Baglio Di Stefano in Gibellina. The Foundation is none government and not for profit organization. It was founded in 1992 by a generous donation from the Corrao Collection and has since expanded by many other donations.
The Foundation continues the cultural activities that had begun with the reconstruction of a new Gibellina following the devastating earthquake of 1968 that destroyed the original township. In the
reconstruction leading Italian artists were called to contribute their art to the new township. As a  result the New Gibellina became a home and a cultural center of many extraordinary works of art.
The Foundation is engaged in sponsoring and creating cultural events in the fields of theatre, music, poetry and exhibitions, as well as in publication and  academic conferences. The foundation provides training activities with the aim of promoting public appreciation of the arts and territory of the Southern Mediterranean regions.
The museum "Trame del Mediterraneo" 
The Museum "Trame del Mediterraneo" (Museum of Mediterranean Crafts) located in Baglio Di Stefano was established and opened to the public in 1996. The Museum's collection comprises of textiles, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, archeological artifacts, and sculpture. It also features current art in the form of installation and temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection exhibits originate from different regions of the Mediterranean and from different historical periods. Despite the diversity in the religion and culture of their countries of origin, the collection forms a testimony to the common roots shared  by the cultures of the Mediterranean basin.

The Museum is affiliated with the Dar Bach Hamba Tunisia, a museum located in an ancient  building in the Medina at the center of town whose permanent collection is complementary to the  Museum delle Trame del Mediterraneo.
The Granary
The adjacent Granary, an imposing building that suggests communion between man and nature in the dimension of a medieval fiefdom, houses Contemporary Art. It exhibits works that were donated by artists over a period of years resulting from their close association with local workshops and the local environment.
Cultural Events and Activities
The Orestiadi Foundation holds annually the “Orestiadi di Gibellina", a festival that features theatre performances, poetry reading, music and visual arts.
The festival attracts artists, musicians, actors, directors and poets both local and from all around the world. The theatre and musical performances are held at the Baglio Di Stefano as well as at the foot of the giant Cretto created by the Italian artist Alberto Burri that covers all of the area of old Gibellina that was destroyed by the 1968 earthquake. The visual art exhibition attracts both established and emerging your artists and is held in the ateliers of the Palazzo Baglio. The Poetry Festival spotlights on the most noble expression in verse from the Italian tradition and from other nations together with the ancient tradition of poetry in dialect and the tradition of the street poet.
This festival is also held at the same time in Palermo at the Palazzo della Cuba, a unique historical building dating back to the 12th Century, whose architecture combines both Norman and Islamic

Travelling Exhibition
Since 2000, the Orestiadi Foundation has created a travelling exhibition that emphasizes the bonds of culture of the Mediterranean countries and the influence Islam had and left on the Sicilian culture from the period of the Arabian Conquest. This exhibition is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by Sicilian Regional Councils. The exhibition was inaugurated at Palazzo Bach Hamba in Tunis and has since travelled to Cairo (Egypt), Amman (Jordan), and is continuing to Damascus (Syria), Teheran (Iran) and Dubai before returning to Palermo.
The Orestiadi Foundation has participated at the Venice Biennale and displayed its works at the Beaubourg Museum in Paris and held exhibitions in New York, London, Basle, Algiers, Castel del Monte, Matera and Forlì.

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